Other Loans

Conventional and USDA Loans

Aside from VA Loans and FHA Loans, you have Conventional and USDA Loans. These type of home loans are your typical loans not backed by any government agency. As a Mortgage Broker, Heritage Home Loans is partnered with a variety of the top mortgage banks in the United States. This allows us to give you access to loans with some of the most competitive rates and costs available. See below to learn more about our other loans.

Conventional and USDA Heritage Home Loans

Conventional Financing for Purchase or Refinance

With FHA you can purchase a new home with lenient qualifying requirements and as little as 3.5% for a down payment.

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USDA for Purchase and Refinance

If you already have an FHA Mortgage you an easily streamline your loan to a lower rate and payment and there are no appraisal or income documentation required.

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